The Diocese of Charleston
St. Anne and St. Jude Parish is one of 95 parishes and 21 missions in the Diocese of Charleston. The Diocese of Charleston was established by Pope Pius VII in 1820 and encompasses all of South Carolina. The See city is Charleston, South Carolina and is the residence of the Bishop of Charleston. Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone, was installed as the 13th Bishop of Charleston on March 25, 2009.
The Adorno Fathers
Saint Anne and Saint Jude Parish is under the auspices of the Order of the Clerics Regular Minor. The Congregation of the Adorno Fathers was founded by Augustine Adorno, Fabrizio and Francis Caracciolo in 1588. Their mission is not specifically missionary, but one of evangelization. Today they are present in Italy, Southern India, the Philippines and Africa. Eucharistic Adoration is an integral part of the Charism of the Adorno Fathers. The letters C.R.M. behind their names stand for Clerics Regular Minor. Their motto is Ad Majorem Resurgentis Gloriam, which in Latin means, For the Greater Glory of the Risen Lord. Their website is
The Mission
St. Anne and St. Jude Church on Oakland Avenue is a Roman Catholic Church whose history is rooted in the African-American community and is now a multi-racial, multi-cultural parish, which continues to reach out and bring the Good News of Jesus to the poor. It is our call to proclaim a message of justice and peace so that the kingdom of God may be experienced in our time and place. Through the grace of the Holy Spirit our faith, nourished by liturgy and prayer, empowers us to live out our call to holiness by sharing our gifts and talents with the Church and the wider Sumter Community.
Registration and Support
New parishioners are encouraged to register with the Parish to participate in parish life, qualify for sacraments and receive funeral support in case of death. Registration can be accomplished by filling out the form in the back of the church or providing information to the Parish Secretary. All families and single wage-earners are invited to support their parish by giving of their time, talent and material gifts in a spirit of gratitude and belonging.

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